Living The Fantasy 


Early in my writing career, I had a fantasy. (Not that one.) I’m talking about the fantasy where I got to run away somewhere beautiful and serene – for a whole week – and do nothing but daydream, plot, and write.

The fantasy got even wilder (not in that way) when I imagined that in the house next door there lived a kindly and wise New York Times bestselling novelist who would meet with me every day, and coach me on only those things I wanted and needed help with, then send me on my way to write.

In my fantasy, I stayed in a charming adobe cottage surrounded by stunning desert and mountain scenery. I slept in a comfy brass bed. I didn’t have to cook unless I wanted to. I could read in front of my own wood-burning fire, walk miles along trails, and take selfishly long showers in my private bath. At the end of a hard work day, I might receive a much-needed massage right in my cottage and then go off to enjoy the dramatic desert sunset from my private patio – wine glass or tea cup in hand.

Nowadays, I now find myself living this fantasy, and I’ve decided to share it with my fellow authors. The door to my adobe casita is officially open. Please come join me.

  -Susan Donovan