If you choose Package No. 1 (The All-Inclusive Retreat with 10 Coaching Sessions)  your Monday through Friday might look like this:



Mornings:       Breakfast  7-8 AM  

                        Writing Time 8-10 AM 

                        Coaching with Susan 10 -11 AM


Afternoons:    Lunch/Writing Time/

                        Free Time 


Evenings:       Coaching with Susan 5-6 PM

                       Cocktails (or tea) at sunset

                       Dinner/Free Time/Writing Time


Night:            Writing Time/Free Time 



(Coaching with Darynda Jones to be determined closer to arrival date)




Breakfast and coaching sessions are the only scheduled activities for clients during work days, unless you have selected the personal chef meal option. (See "The Packages" menu for details.)


Nothing will be scheduled the Saturday of arrival, all day Sunday, or the Saturday morning of departure. 


Susan has the experience and skill to coach every type of author, both published and unpublished. If you write literary or genre fiction – such as women’s fiction, romance, suspense, romantic comedy, mystery, paranormal, or any combo thereof -- Susan and Darynda can create a coaching program tailored to your genre and writing style. Whether you’re a beginner or well on your way to becoming a bestseller, they’ll meet you where you are in your writing journey.

SUSAN DONOVAN is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist, playwright, and screenwriter. Her twenty-seven novels and novellas include women’s fiction, paranormal mystery, romantic comedy, and romantic suspense. She's been published by Penguin/Random House, St. Martin’s Press, Hachette Book Group, Kensington Publishing, HQN, and Amazon Publishing. Susan is a former newspaper journalist with bachelor's and master's degrees from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.




Once your registration is complete, you’ll fill out a questionnaire and send Susan samples of your writing. You and Susan will talk for one hour and agree upon a coaching plan that meets your needs. 


You might choose for Susan to read your entire manuscript and offer feedback on the novel as a whole. Perhaps you’re having trouble finding your unique writing voice or the voice of your characters. Or maybe you just want someone to brainstorm with. Susan and Darynda can do all that. We’ll set a daily schedule that makes the most of your time.

Darynda and Susan can help you with:

  • Developmental editing - (How’s the overall structure and readability of your manuscript?)

  • Plot Analysis - (Do you hook your reader and keep them interested to the end?)

  • Dang Good Dialogue - (Turning so-so talking into an essential part of characterization.)

  • Character Development – (Make your pretend people come alive.)

  • Emotional Impact – (Will your story make the reader cry, sigh, smile, and hate to say goodbye?)


At some point during your stay, Darynda will join you for a private Q & A or mini coaching session on a topic of your choice.  This session will last one hour. The day and time will depend on Darynda’s writing and travel schedules, but will be confirmed before you arrive. She might even join us for lunch or dinner, time permitting.